Outdoor Signs

Channel Letters

Every business can benefit from channel letter signs, which are highly customizable, usually internally illuminated exterior signs. There are a number of construction options: front-lit, back-lit or a combination of the two to ensure your business is attracting customers day and night. Most channel letter signs are crafted from rust-proof aluminum and acrylic.

Modern channel letters use LED lights, which offer significant energy savings over older neon lettering technology. It’s important not to cut corners with such a visible long-term investment, so buy the best sign you can afford. It’s also less expensive to maintain a quality, well-made sign.

Front-lit channel letters feature a three-dimensional aluminum display, with the LED lighting placed inside the open face. The face is then covered by an acrylic front so that the light can shine out, but remains protected from the elements or nesting birds. With backlit signs, the lights flood against the wall behind the sign, creating a halo effect around the letters.

You’ll also want to check your lease, and with the property manager and local zoning laws for what sign options are allowed. Examples of sign restrictions can include size, brightness, and color. Our Sign Shop employees can help you choose, design and create the perfect channel letter sign for your business, one that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

LED Backlit Signs

If you’re looking for a modern, classy way to put a spotlight on your business try an LED backlit sign. They’re great for storefronts and reception areas, offering enhanced visibility day or night. Typically the LED lights are white, but RGB-colored lights can produce any color on the spectrum. 

Backlit signs are custom made for each client, and require an electrical junction nearby to power the sign. Outdoor LED signs may require special licensing and permits, which we can help you comply with.

Using your brand, goals, artistic style and other specifications, we’ll create a design that meets your every need. We’ll handle the job from conception to installing the new signage at your business.

Monument Signs

Monument signs have a convincing air of permanence to them that says “We’ve arrived and we’re here to stay.” Monument signs are freestanding and generally made from materials such as brick, cement or concrete, sitting near the road so drivers and pedestrians can see them. Monument signs are often the first identification and branding of your business people see.

A large, permanent sign will almost always need city approval before installation, but we can assist you at every turn.

Whether your goal is to draw eyes to your business or communicate important information, we can build and install outdoor advertising to suit your needs. We’ll consider your business’s brand, goals and other details to develop a winning concept, and then install it at your site.

Outdoor Banners

Vibrant outdoor banners are a great option for attracting the attention of guests. Both portable and cost-effective, they’re great for promoting new products and events.

Another option for an outdoor banner is a mesh pattern, which adds tensile strength while giving the fabric a transparent nature. The mesh pattern allows the wind to pass through without risk of damaging the banner or tearing it, making it an excellent option for outdoor use, especially in windy conditions. For the highest image quality, mesh banners are best viewed from a distance.

Vinyl banners are extremely durable and commonly used for outdoor displays. That construction adds to their versatility, letting you display the banner outdoors for a longer period of time without it becoming ripped, torn or faded.

Fabric and retractable banners are also popular options. While mainly for indoor use, they can also be used for outdoor events when the weather is nice and are made of materials including cotton, polyester and silk.

Our banners can come in hundreds of color, style and font combinations. Let our sign experts at Maryland Sign Shop help you choose the prime locations to boost the visibility of your business.


Promotional signs take advantage of pedestrian and vehicle traffic to attract customers to your business or event, and include categories such as yard signs, sidewalk signs, construction site signs, feather flags, boulevard banners and window decals and graphics.

Yard signs always get lots of attention during election season, but they’re also great for garage sales, home sales and advertising services. They’re one of the most affordable advertising methods and can be quickly and easily placed and removed.

Sidewalk signs work best in areas with heavy foot traffic, and we offer several types, such as A-frame signs, chalkboard signs and dry erase boards. Many restaurants like to use chalkboard signs to display the day’s menu or any special offers.

Boulevard banners fill a variety of roles, from informing and decorating to providing directions. They’re great for events put on by businesses and governments and can be attached to signposts, light poles and even free-standing displays. Each banner will be custom designed and printed on a rugged, long-lasting fabric designed for outdoor use.

Feather flags work both indoors and outdoors, using a lightweight polyester material designed to flap in the breeze. They can be placed on poles, attached to surfaces and come in both single and double-sized options. The flags can be created with custom colors, text, fonts, images, and logos all unique to your business.

Window decals come in a wide variety, from frosted to opaque and with limitless design choices. Our experts will work directly with you to produce high-quality decals that emphasize who you are in the market, and our installers will make sure decals are properly installed with no bubbles or peeling edges.


The most important duty of construction site signs is to comply with safety rules from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and American National Standards Institute. Signs for businesses must attract customers; safety signs are designed to minimize injuries, enhance job performance, avoid penalties and reduce exposure to lawsuits. Regulations on signs can include color, lettering, size and wording (such as danger, caution, restricted, etc.) Let our experts at Maryland Sign Shop cover all your construction and safety sign needs.

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