Vehicle Signs

Vehicle Lettering

Vehicle lettering is similar to a vehicle wrap, but rather than covering the entire surface of the vehicle, letters, numbers and graphics are individually cut out from a sheet of vinyl and then adhered to a car or truck. Popular lettering choices include your company’s name, location, phone number, or website. The lettering can go on both painted surfaces and windows, and the smaller size means they can also work not just on cars and commercial trucks, but also for ATVs, dirt bikes, tractors and even lawn mowers. When vinyl graphics and logos are applied, there is no clear or white background as with a bumper sticker or other type of decal. Our lettering is designed to withstand rain, mud and snow, and with careful cleaning, vehicle lettering should last many years without tearing or peeling.

Vehicle lettering is also a great way to comply with U.S. Department of Transportation requirements. USDOT numbering, which must be 2 to 3 inches in height, is used to identify and register vehicles used for commercial purposes, such as transporting passengers or moving cargo in interstate commerce. Some local governments may require the lettering to be placed on specific parts of the vehicle. Our experts at Maryland Sign Shop will be glad to assist you in professionally installing your lettering to comply with regulations.


Truck wraps cover a large portion of a vehicle’s surface with a graphic printed on vinyl. When installed properly, a high-quality vehicle wrap should last over 5 years, and the adhesive used is designed to come off using heat, without damaging the painted surface of the vehicle underneath. Commercial trucks spend most of their time on the go, and all those miles can be converted into impressions with an attractive truck wrap.

In addition to being able to advertise your business, quality truck wraps also serve as a uniform for commercial vehicles, giving them a professional, credible and consistent look across your fleet. Even when parked, a branded truck is still working. Box trucks, pick-ups, and food trucks can all benefit from an expertly crafted vinyl wrap. Graphics can also be applied to the windows of your truck using a window film. The film has perforations that allow drivers to see through the film from the inside.

Maryland Sign Shop can guide your truck wrap project the whole way, including planning, design, production and installation, and can guide you on how to make your wrap last as long as possible.

Boat Graphics

Whether it’s a dinghy, jet ski, catamaran or Coast Guard vessel, Maryland Sign Shop’s service is the best choice to install boat graphics.

Most important is the vessel’s registration number, which is required by law and must be placed according to certain rules, such as height and color. Some people like to use a reflective vinyl for registration numbers, so that they light up at night when a light is shined on them. Registration number graphics have a lifespan of 5-7 years.

Vinyl boat graphics can also give your boat a unique look and personal touch, such as boat names, stripes and designs, and are made of high-quality, marine-grade materials.

Larger vinyl boat wraps are often more complex to install than vehicle wraps. There’s few industry standard templates for boats like there are for cars. It’s also important to choose the right material, as the wrap will be subjected to water and outdoor weather. Wraps must also stay above the water line.

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